Running bike is fun to play with and helps children to evolve, also it is comfortable and easy way to move around. 



Children who use push bike gain very good balance and a good feel of a bicycle. These bikes will help them develop their moves and prepare them for regular bikes. Results of using push bike show that children who have used push bike learned much faster how to ride bicycle without training wheels.

Always with You

Take running bike always with you. It is fun to ride with running bike on the city roads, on the grass, on the forest tracks and even in the beach. Air filled tires make running bike easy to ride on every ground. Wooden running bike is very light, even children are able to lift it.  

Grows with You

Wooden running bike grows with child. Running bike seat is adjustable from 37 - 47 cm of the ground.

Estonian forests

Running bikes are handcrafted out of pure birch plywood that has been manufactured locally using birch timber from Estonian forests. We have taken good care of making sure that all running bike details are durable, functional and of course safe. Steering is restricted so that it can`t be turned to much to exclude possibility of falling down because of turning to steeply. Air filled tires and ball bearing wheels make the ride soft and smooth on hard and soft ground. All running bike details are hand painted with eco-friendly and water resistant colors.


215.90 EUR


215.90 EUR


215.90 EUR