Wood Design Choppers

Already walking, then it is time to sit on a chopper and crab the handlebars! It is a lifestyle that goes from parents to their children. Begin your little ones motorcycling futures right by providing them with the best ride of their little lives. Except being a awesome toy the wooden rocking chopper can also be as a design feature in your home or biker club.  

Designed for playing

Why invest in another electronic devise when this rocking motorcycles can stimulate hours of imaginative fun on the safest roads around. At first it is fun enough to rock with it  but this is not where it ends. While growing children find more and more different games to play with it, just let your imagination go wild.

We have taken great care in the design and craftsmanship so that this wooden rocking chopper would be strong and long lasting.  

Wooden rocking - motorcycle

199.00 EUR